Why Owners Trust Elite Pacific Properties on Oahu

Posted Friday, July 24, 2020 by Elite Pacific

Trusting your Oahu property management company is essential when you’re trying to earn more and spend less on your investment. The whole purpose of hiring a management team is to benefit from their experience, systems, and knowledge. 

At Elite Pacific Properties, establishing trust and peace of mind is important to us. We know that you’re handing over one of your most valuable assets when you hire us to lease, manage, and maintain your home. We take that responsibility seriously, and we give you every opportunity to communicate with us openly and transparently. 

Our team is all about accountability and value. We provide exceptional customer service and we have very high standards for the work we do. If you’re looking for a property management company in Oahu you can trust, contact us at Elite Pacific Properties. We’d love to share more information about why our owners appreciate working with us.

Communication and Responsiveness 

We communicate with our owners openly and honestly. It’s hard to trust a property management company that you can’t reach.  We are available to our owners and our tenants by phone and email. We respond to messages sent via the online portals that we provide, and we know how to blend automation and technology with personal service and phone calls. 

Your property managers will be available and accessible. You can trust us to respond to your needs and answer your questions. 

Trust The Tenants We Place in Your Oahu Rental Home

Our owners trust us to rigorously and consistently screen tenants. We have documented processes in place that follow federal, state, and local fair housing laws. Every application is screened for the same qualifying criteria. 

We don’t skip steps or take shortcuts. Our team thoroughly investigates the background of every applicant who wants to rent your home. We look at credit history and credit reports, past evictions, and landlord references. We verify employment and income. 

Tenant screening is an important part of what we do. If you can’t trust your property manager to provide highly qualified and reliable tenants, you need to think about finding a better management partner. You can trust we’re placing a tenant who will pay rent on time, take care of your property, and follow the terms of the lease agreement. 

Maintaining and Inspecting Your Investment

You also want to trust that your asset is well-maintained and its condition is protected. 

You can expect us to conduct careful and thoroughly-documented inspections before a tenant moves in, after the tenant moves out, and at least once during the lease term. You’ll have access to all of the inspection reports, which include detailed notes and photos. This provides the peace of mind you need to know your residents are taking care of your home. It also gives you the opportunity to plan for long term maintenance needs. 

We treat every maintenance need with a sense of urgency. When tenants move into your property, we walk them through the maintenance process in great detail. They know that they can submit routine requests online, and if there’s an emergency after hours, they’ll have access to us 24 hours a day.

You can trust us to resolve these issues quickly, because we know that leaving something unrepaired will only lead to larger and more expensive problems. You’ll always be informed if there’s something that needs to be repaired or replaced at your investment property. 

We are proud of our ability to inspire trust with the owners we work with. To learn more about our Oahu property management services, please contact us at Elite Pacific Properties.