7 Ways to Keep Your Oahu Residents Happy

Posted Thursday, February 25, 2021 by Kim Grennan


At Elite Pacific Properties, we know that happy residents lead to happy owners. 

Why? Because happy residents pay rent on time. They take care of the property. They follow the terms of their lease agreement and they’re interested in renewing year after year. 

We work hard at keeping residents happy, and if you’re struggling to find and place great Oahu residents, we recommend you contact us. These are some of the things we have in place to keep your renters delighted with where they live.


1. We Communicate Openly about Expectations and Responsibilities 

At the beginning of the lease period, we talk to your tenants about what we expect. Discussing the lease and answering their questions puts us in a good position and it allows us to establish a professional and positive relationship. Your residents need to know how they should pay rent and what they’re responsible for in terms of maintenance and landscaping. All that information should be in the lease, but if we talk about it, we can reinforce those things and demonstrate our willingness to communicate. 


2. Respond Promptly to Maintenance 

Responding to repair needs with a sense of urgency keeps tenants happy. It also protects the condition of your property. We won’t make promises that we have no intention of keeping. We take care of repair issues right away and we follow up with residents to ensure they’re satisfied.  


3. Respect Your Tenant’s Privacy and Space

Don’t be that landlord who shows up at the property every few weeks. It’s annoying, even if your intentions are good.

Your tenants want to be left alone to enjoy the privacy and quiet of their home. While conducting an inspection during the course of the tenancy is reasonable, schedule it well in advance. We are always careful to provide written notice before we come to a property, and our residents appreciate that.


4. We Say Thank You

It might seem silly to thank residents for doing what we expect them to do every month. But, we want our tenants to know that we appreciate their attention to on-time payments. We’ll send a brief text that thanks them for the rental payment. This lets them know it’s been paid and it shows them we appreciate them.


5. We are Smart about Rental Increases

Most residents expect a modest increase when the lease renews, but we don’t want to chase your good residents away with super-high rent hikes. Raising the rent 10 or 15 percent is a good way to turn a happy tenant into an unhappy tenant. We evaluate the market and make an increase according to the competing properties that are also for rent.


6. We Make Sure Move-In and Move-Out Processes are Stress-Free

Moving is stressful, and we’re here to support residents as they move into your property. We’re organized and efficient when it comes to move-in funds, inspections, and lease signings. When it’s time to move out, we’re here to help residents understand what needs to be done in terms of handing in the keys and leaving a forwarding address for the return of their deposit.


7. We Offer Online Rental Payments

Paying rent is easy and secure with our online platform. Residents appreciate that they don’t have to mail a check or show up at the office to pay their rent. They can schedule payments in advance, set reminders, and save their banking and credit card information to make the payments easy and on time every month.

These seven things are easy for us to provide our tenants, and it enables us to develop and maintain lasting and professional relationships. Contact us at Elite Pacific Properties to learn more.

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