5 Steps to Marketing Your Luxury Oahu Rental

Posted Friday, April 24, 2020 by Alfred Korn

5 Steps to Marketing Your Luxury Oahu Rental

To successfully rent out your luxury Oahu home, you need to compete with all the other properties on the market and make sure you’re offering quality, convenience, and appeal. Strategic marketing is a good way to get the attention of potential renters and eliminate expensive vacancy periods.

Marketing luxury rental properties in Oahu and the surrounding areas is one of our areas of expertise. At Elite Pacific Properties, we help owners find excellent tenants by advertising their properties through our own local real estate network and by using our exceptional marketing skills.

We’re sharing some of the five best tips you can use to effectively market your property. Contact us at Elite Pacific Properties when you’re ready to learn more.

Provide a First-Class Property

First, you have to know your market. Prospective tenants looking for a luxury home are not going to settle for old appliances and sloppy landscaping. Make sure your home has great curb appeal. It needs to be inviting, clean, and functional. Your potential renters are likely to be seeking features such as:

  • Pools and outdoor living space
  • Smart home technology including thermostat control
  • Security
  • Stainless appliances, tile floors, and granite counters
  • Extras such as home theater systems, wine cellars, gourmet kitchens, and expansive master suites

Make an investment in any cost-effective upgrades and updates that will really help you rent your property to luxury tenants.

Professional Photos Make Emotional Connections

Marketing a rental property involves psychology. When a prospective renter is looking at your listing, the first thing they’ll peruse is the photo gallery. They’ll get to the description and the details eventually, but they want to see what the home looks like first. Make sure your pictures set a scene that invites them to learn more. You should have as many photos as possible, and you need to pay attention to lighting, angles, and details. Don’t take pictures with clutter on the counters. Open doors and allow natural light to work in your favor.

Include a pictures of the front of the property, the kitchen, bathrooms, and any outdoor space. Focus on what will really impress tenants, such as your pool, garden tub, walk-in pantry, or built-in accents.

Online Advertising and Social Networking

List your Oahu rental property on all the sites that renters are using to find luxury rentals. Online advertising is really the best way to maximize your reach. You’ll have the opportunity to gather a large pool of potential tenants and generate interest in your property.

Social networking can also be valuable. Make sure you’re posting about the home you have for rent on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you don’t use those platforms, you probably have a lot of people in your network who do. Ask them to share.

Be Responsive to Inquiries

Good tenants seeking luxury homes have a lot of options when they’re looking for an Oahu rental. Don’t lose your leads by ignoring them. When someone calls or sends a message, be responsive. Answer your phone, return your calls, and respond to emails and text messages asking for more information. Schedule showings that work for your potential tenants, and make sure you follow up after they’ve seen the home to find out what they liked or what didn’t work and whether they’re interested in the space.

Facilitate an Easy Application and Rental Process

Finally, make it easy for tenants to apply for your property. Online applications can gather information in a consistent and organized fashion, and it also allows you to document the entire process. Give renters the opportunity to pay for deposits and fees online, and be available to answer any questions and facilitate a smooth move-in process.

We’d be happy to tell you more about how to market a luxury Oahu rental home. Contact us at Elite Pacific Properties.

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