5 Benefits of Investing in Oahu Single Family Homes

Posted Friday, March 27, 2020 by Alfred Korn

5 Benefits of Investing in Oahu Single Family Homes

There are so many options when it comes to investing in Oahu real estate, and the investors we work with often want to know where and what they should buy. At Elite Pacific Properties, we have been effectively working in the local sales and rental market for years, and we think that single-family homes are the best option for investors. Whether you’re buying your first property or adding to an existing portfolio, we thing single-family homes are the way to go.

Contact us to discuss your investment strategy, and we’ll show you how single-family rental properties can provide stable outcomes and better returns. We’ll also help you identify the best investment opportunities and talk about how to maximize your rental income and reach your long term goals.

These are five of the benefits you can enjoy when you invest in a single-family Oahu home.

Single-Family Inventory in Oahu

Existing single-family homes are already available on the Oahu market, and new construction is providing additional inventory. Investors can find single-family homes in a number of diverse and unique neighborhoods around the island. Whether you want something close to the beach or to downtown Honolulu, you’ll find options. Single-family homes are available for purchase throughout Honolulu, the North Shore, the Windward Coast, Central Oahu, and the Leeward Coast

Attracting Long Term Oahu Tenants

One of the main benefits of investing in single-family homes is that you attract higher quality tenants. People who want to move into a single-family home are likely to be more stable and reliable. They want to settle in for a while and probably won’t move as soon as the lease term ends. With demographics changing and people shifting from home ownership plans to a preference for renting, a single-family home will give you the opportunity to find a tenant who is likely to pay rent on time, take care of your home, and stay in place for several years.

This type of tenant stability contributes to more rental income and higher ROI. You won’t have to worry as much about vacancy and turnover costs, and you can project what you’ll earn in rent from year to year.

Earning Higher Rents

Typically, you will earn more rent on a single-family home than you will on an apartment, condo, or multi-family unit. People are willing to pay for the extra privacy and space. The outdoor space, garage parking, and extra square footage will translate into a higher rental value.

Investments Increase in Value

Single-family homes have always appreciated in value faster than multi-family units. When you’re ready to sell your asset, you’ll sell it for more and turn your equity into higher returns. Property values will continue to climb when you invest in a single-family home, and that means you stand to earn more money on the investment in both the short and long term.

Maintenance Needs and Shared Responsibility

Every rental property comes with maintenance costs and expenses, but with a single-family home, you can probably rely on your tenants to help you take care of it. People who rent single-family homes want to enjoy the benefits of living in their own home without actually buying it. Your tenants will be more likely to help with things like landscaping and yard work, pest control, and other minor maintenance issues.

We’d be happy to talk further about how you can benefit from investing in single-family homes in Oahu. Contact us at Elite Pacific Properties to learn more about the market.

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