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Bridget Townsend knows that being a Realtor isn’t just buying and selling. She knows that every home purchased or sold is one of the most important decisions a family can make. She listens to the needs of all her clients, from property virgins to seasoned home buyers, to ensure they each receive the best experience possible — and that they’re matched to the right home.

Her customer-first philosophy and authoritative knowledge of Oahu’s real estate market earned her three Honolulu Board of Realtors Aloha Aina nominations in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for her exemplary work.

With 10 years of experience in sales and customer service, Bridget is passionate about her clients. She recognizes that selling or buying a home is as much a personal decision that requires active listening as it is a financial decision.

Bridget puts her clients before the deal, educating first time and out of state buyers with real estate knowledge and the peculiarities of Hawaii’s housing market. In addition, she takes on a hands-on approach to make sure the home is right for the buyer and can offer professional help with financing guidance. She’s placed locals in homes they thought were out of reach and helped out of town buyers to find homes they loved using virtual walkthroughs and other innovative tools.

For home owners who are selling, Bridget creates a market strategy to sell the property quickly at the best price and terms. She implements her own marketing strategies and oversees each detail in the plan — including taking the lead in the design of marketing materials and makes sure the home is ready for potential buyers. Ultimately, she wants the customer to be happy with the sale of their home and works to get the most for it.

Bridget’s goal is total customer satisfaction and and making her clients’ priorities hers. She has a portfolio of buyers and sellers who are ecstatic with her exceptional personal service, the deals she’s made on their behalf and the homes she’s found for them.

If you’re ready to work with a Realtor who takes your real estate needs as seriously as you do, contact Bridget now.
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Bridget and her team of talented associates will work to ensure you enjoy a seamless sale or purchase from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a home or if you’re ready to sell your family home, they are dedicated to exceeding your buying or selling experience and expectations.

In the words of one of her own clients:

"Bridget made our house hunt and buying process smooth and stress free especially, we live in Virginia. She never tried to sell us a home that's not fit for our family, she assisted us in our purchase and protected us against making a bad investment. We were never rushed and she encouraged us to look until we found our dream home. She uses DocuSign, which is a service that enabled us to electronically sign all documents (except the final Escrow papers that are required by law to be signed in person). This saved us, and everyone else involved in the transaction, a lot of time and travel hassles. Also, when it was time to sign the Escrow papers they used a mobile notary and our lender covered that expense, Bridget made sure of this =). If you are looking for someone who will tailor a search for a property that you will be happy with, someone who will provide you with the latest information on that property, and someone who will represent your best interests in the negotiation and purchase process to the utmost, Bridget comes highly recommended."

For more testimonials about Bridget’s level of service or if you want more information about what she can do for your property needs, contact her now.
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Bridget was nominated for two consecutive Honolulu Board of Realtors Aloha Aina Awards in 2012 and 2013 for her exemplary service.

Clients and members of Honolulu’s real estate community can name a Realtor for the award. In this case, Robert J. Garner, a very happy homeowner Bridget assisted in finding his house, enthusiastically nominated her for the Aloha Aina.

"It is my sincere pleasure to nominate realtor Bridget Townsend for the Aloha Aina Realtor Award! My first home purchase was a pleasurable experience due to Bridget's expertise, motivation, and above all, her ability to take care of me as a buyer.

Bridget answered my copious amount of questions on the spot, ranging from specific details about the property and area to state property laws and the mortgage. My favorite experience was not a single event, but Bridget's overall ability to work with my schedule and help me meet my goals. Furthermore, due to my prior experience in the financial planning industry, Bridget could relate to how I wanted just the facts as they related to my demands as a buyer.

Most importantly, Bridget aptly prevented the loss of my lifetime by negotiating with the seller's realtor. After the home inspection, I had four simple, understandable requests of the seller.  

These requests were unexpectedly not well received and the seller nearly opted out. However, Bridget worked together with the seller's realtor, and within a week, the home buying purchase moved forward! Nearly a year has gone by and I cannot imagine not having this home to call my own!"

– Mahalo,
Robert J. Garner

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