Brian Boltwood

REALTOR-Associate, RS-78440

Office: (808) 589-2040
Mobile: (808) 953-8716
Barnes Hawaii Group

4211 Waialae Avenue, Suite 106
Honolulu, HI 96816

I always have listened to my father's advice that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. Every person I met in my sales and business career or in my personal life that acquired significant wealth was involved in real estate one way or another. It looked like the kind of lifestyle I wanted and I knew I wanted to get involved. I didn't want to have to struggle like I believed most agents entering this industry did. I eventually met Alesia Barnes and recognized that she was creating something very special. I immediately saw my opportunity smiling back at me with her Barnes Hawaii Group and asked her to create a space for me on her team.  

I am Passionate about Passion if that makes any sense. I enjoy being thorough and to always be able to empathize with my clients so I can really put myself in their shoes. I feel strongly above giving way above average top-notch customer service and professionalism every single time. I am a big follower and believer of personal growth and development. The areas of entrepreneurship and business that I love the most are networking, branding, sales and marketing.  

I am very interested in actually listening to my clients’ needs, concerns and desires to overcome any problems that may come their way. I am capable and confident to help in almost all areas on Oahu but focus in Waikiki since I have made myself extremely knowledgeable and truly immersed myself in this area for many years. It is a competitive hotspot in the market and I am very aggressive in finding the right properties that are available at any given time there. I don't look at it as selling but treat it like a business where I am performing a service for my clients. I usually end up gaining friends in the process. Whether someone is wanting to buy or sell there is no amount of time or work that is too much for me to get the job done.  

When I won the 2015 Table Topics State Championship for public speaking With Toastmasters International for District 49 I knew I was becoming the leader and speaker I always wanted to become. It is invaluable to realize that you have found your purpose in your life by turning your passions into your profession. I was able to do this once again. Finding that realization in real estate for me was a big exciting accomplishment in immeasurable value all on its own.  

The joy of traveling is something that is felt in many people all across the world and it is definitely one of my favorite things to do when I am truly not working. When I'm not traveling I try to remind myself on a daily basis how lucky I am to live here in actual paradise. I love doing active things like hiking, running, surfing, swimming and just going to the beach. I have a thirst for knowledge, which is why one of the things I enjoy most in my free time is simply reading a good book.

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