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Away from the ocean and up the mountain at a higher elevation lies Upcountry Maui. There are much cooler temperatures in Upcountry than closer to the ocean and some areas experience more rainfall. Many of the homes in the area have incredible panoramic views of the island leading down into the ocean and beyond. People love Upcountry for the climate and small town feel. There is fantastic hiking, as well as horseback riding in the area. With great food, such as the Hali’maile General Store, the local art, comfortable climate, extraordinary views, and small local feel, many love Upcountry homes for vacation or residency.


To get to Upcountry, most people start from the base of the mountain in the small town of Paia. With the feel of an old hippie type of town, Paia has organic foods, lots of tie-dye, and many local art galleries. A local favorite is Mama’s Fish House for a delicious meal before continuing up the mountain to Makawao or to the Road to Hana. Paia has a small nightlife of local bars and music. Paia gives great access to the Road to Hana. This car trip is extremely gorgeous but not for those with weak stomachs—the road winds around and around. Many choose to spend the night in Hana and return the next day.

In the Town of Makawao there are many little art galleries showcasing local art. The nightlife in Makawao is comprised of bars with local music. Several big name musicians with homes on Maui, such as Willie Nelson and Mick Fleetwood have been known to stop by and play in the bars here and in Paia.

Upcountry has a very local feel with small galleries, organic foods, and lots of local flavor. The views are unbeatable and the cooler climate keeps everyone comfortable. Upcountry is a great place to slow down and visit and spend a while or live a life for those who want a small town atmosphere.