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The North Shore of Kauai is the lushest region of the already gorgeous island. Filled with rainbows and waterfalls, locals know the reputation for “lots of rain” is secretly a blessing. The rainfall is mostly at night and near the mountains, bringing only beauty without interrupting a perfect beach day at the Hanalei Bay. This rural area consists of just a handful of towns: Kilauea, Hanalei, and the resort community of Princeville. Just outside of these towns are lots consisting of multiple acres and appeal to those looking for privacy, peace, and quiet.

The pristine, sandy beaches, world famous Hanalei Bay, and the little “Hanalei town” represent the perfect example of what many imagine “Hawaii” to be. Home of the heavily traveled NaPali Coast, or Kalalau Trail, this area has excellent hiking. In the summers, the ocean is calm and picture perfect while in the winters the thrilling big surf draws admirers and participants alike. Princeville differs from the surrounding towns being the only planned community with parks, golf courses, tennis course, hotels, and convenient walkways. Many full-time residents from retirees to young families make it their home, enjoying the sidewalks and parks with short walks to Queen’s Bath and gorgeous hidden beaches.


Home to several celebrities and movie stars, the North Shore draws people who want to relax and enjoy the views or adventure and embrace all the outdoor activities, such as hiking, surfing, and snorkeling. This area has a plethora of outdoor activities and easy relaxation, but lacks an active nightlife or heavy shopping—those who choose the North Shore prefer to stargaze or hang out with the neighbors. There are also a number of fine dining options available within Princeton for a night of delicious food.

All who live in this area for even a short time, part time, or a vacation regular, find that everyone knows one another and there is a real sense of Aloha that comes from bumping into friendly, tan, relaxed, and familiar faces. Upon entering Hanalei, there are several one-lane bridges to cross. This can make access to Hanalei difficult if the bridges are closed from heavy rainfall (but does not affect the other areas). Although too remote for some, the North Shore offers an active and yet relaxed community filled with beauty and the spirit of Aloha.