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Between Kapalua and Napili, West Maui appeals to locals and residents alike. Kapalua, similar to Wailea, is manicured to perfection. Home to an elegant Ritz Carlton Hotel and a gorgeous new Montage resort development, Kapalua offers high-end luxury. Several high-end restaurants are located in Kapalua—from the beautiful Merriman’s overlooking the ocean to Pineapple Grill with views of one of the many golf courses in the area. One such golf course hosts a PGA golf tournament every year and is located in the beautiful, high-end gated community of Plantation Estates. Often priced in the multi-millions, Plantation Estates homes sit up high, overlooking the golf course and the ocean. On the Plantation Estates golf course is the phenomenal restaurant, the Plantation House. In addition to golf and luxury homes, Kapalua hosts a Food and Wine Festival yearly.


Along the oceanfront, next to the Ritz Carlton, sit the Kapalua Golf and Bay Villas, which are often available to rent. Among the gorgeous condominiums overlooking the ocean, conveniently located by the Ritz Carlton, many find it easy to relax and appreciate the beauty of the area. Many enjoy the convenience of Kapalua while feeling as if transported to a world of beauty and luxury far away.

Not far down the road, Napili has the closest shopping for groceries aside from a few local shops in Kapalua. The drive between the two towns meanders along the ocean featuring a number of smaller hotels and incredible ocean front homes. Many locals choose to live in the beautiful Napili, not far from the luxury of Kapalua but with the convenience of shopping and other full time residents. The Coffee Store, a delicious coffee shop, in the Napili Shopping Center is a local favorite.

Residents of Napili head to Kapalua for luxury, golf, and fine dining. Those in Kapalua make the scenic drive to Napili for a more local experience, as well as shopping for the necessities.